Conscious Earth: A Vision

Find today’s biggest crisis and you’ll find today’s greatest opportunity

Do you have a vision of the kind of planet you want to live on? Are you concerned about the direction in which the world is heading?
Thank you for finding your way here and for your own mission to make the world a better place.
I have seen a vision of a Conscious Earth. In this vision we live in health and harmony with ourselves, with each other and with the Earth.

We live in caring, dynamic communities and share resources for mutual benefit. We live with a deep sense of inner peace and enjoy each moment. We share a higher purpose that unites us all.
I want to share this audacious vision with you and explore how we can turn this vision into reality.
Just imagine for a moment what could happen when enough people on this planet wake up and realize that at this point in our history we are facing a radical evolutionary choice between fear or love, between creating a hell on earth or a Conscious Earth.
We stand on the brink of a potential golden age for all humanity. With our technology we have unlocked the power of the atom, deciphered the code of our own DNA, and gazed into deep space at the origin of our universe. We have woven a World Wide Web that covers the globe and unites us all.
Imagine our consciousness evolving so that all our knowledge and technology can be used for the healing of the earth and our mutual benefit. Imagine that we become the generation that others look back upon and say, “They woke up and saved our planet from impending disaster. They were the ones who changed the course of history.

They began the healing of 2 our fractured human family. They established the foundation for the Conscious Earth and the many blessings we enjoy today.”

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